What Does A Bankruptcy Stay Accomplish?

17 December 2021
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When a bankruptcy attorney submits a petition to the court, the judge will almost automatically grant a stay. This is a legally binding order, and it goes to the creditors named in the bankruptcy petition. The stay will order them to cease all collection action until the court has heard the case. A bankruptcy lawyer typically sees the stay as a powerful tool. You might wonder why it's such a big deal, so take a look at what a stay can accomplish. Read More 

3 Signs An Estate Plan Is Solid

27 September 2021
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When people sit down with attorneys to do estate planning, the overriding concern is that their plans will be solid. However, what are the elements of a solid plan? Let's look at three signs a set of documents will likely hold up well under estate planning law. Contingencies A good plan should have some room for the estate to change. It should provide an executor with sufficient power to adjust to whatever circumstances might emerge after the grantor passes. Read More 

What Do All Those Divorce Orders Mean?

23 November 2020
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A divorce, as most divorcing couples are sure to find out, is not just a single action but a series of connected actions all strung together. Any time something important happens or an agreement is reached, the judge issues an order. This process of hearings and orders goes on past the date of the final decree, particularly if you have minor children. To find out more about divorce orders and what might happen if they are not obeyed, read on. Read More 

Why You Really Need The Help Of A Divorce Attorney

23 October 2019
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If you are on the path to a divorce from your spouse, you might feel as though this is something you can muscle through on your own. The thing is though, it is really in your best interest to make sure that you are hiring a divorce attorney. It would be a mistake to at least not read through the following information. The more you learn about the benefits of having an attorney on the case, the easier it will be for you to see why you should hire one for your case. Read More 

2 Reasons To Hire An Estate Planning Attorney

13 February 2017
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One of the most important things that you can do is to create a plan for the distribution of your assets once you pass away, mostly in order to make sure that your family members and loved ones are cared for once you are gone. However, this can be more than a little tricky when you consider the various laws and regulations that can affect your estate. Thankfully, estate planning attorneys are available and can help you out in a large number of ways, such as the two listed below. Read More